JABB Contests

I. General Contest Rules

II. Guidelines Regarding Prizes

III.  Amazon.com Prize List

IV. Information about Giving to Charity in Lieu of Prize

V. Charity List

VI. The JABB Store

VII. The JABB CafePress.com Store

VIII. The "Find Mr. Beans" Contest

I. General Contest Rules

1. Each contest will have its own rules, depending on what type of game it is. These must be obeyed. However, the rules listed on this page apply to all contests.

2. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.

3. If you want to participate but do not want a prize or to choose a charity, please inform Jenni when you send her your answers. In the event you win, the second-place winner will get the prize.

4. You realize that by choosing a prize, you give Jenni permission to give your shipping address and full name to Amazon.com should you choose a prize from there. Should you choose a CafePress.com prize, then you give Jenni permission to give your snail mail addy to them.

5. In the event of a tie with both people wanting a prize, a brief trivia quiz or similar type of game will be offered. Whoever wins that, wins the prize.

6. Send your answers only to Jenni. Do not send them to our Yahoogroup. Sending them to the group will lead to disqualification.

7. Only members of JABB are eligible for the contests. If you would like to join JABB, please email Jenni.

II. Guidelines Regarding Prizes

1. Amazon.com items are listed in the next section.  For JABB Store and CafePress, the prize amount should not exceed $25 including shipping and handling.  Handcrafted items from the JABB Store have S&H figured into their prices all ready.  For CafePress.com S&H prices, see this page

2. However, exceptions may be made for international winners. This will be dealt with on an individual basis.

3. Jenni has final say on any item being purchased. Please respect that but she will try to be open-minded.

III. Amazon.com Prize List

You may choose one of the following Amazon.com items as your prize:

Touched by an Angel

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4.1
Season 4.2
In the Words of Angels (book)

John Dye Projects

Once/Twice Upon a Christmas Set
Heart of the Beholder
Fist of the Warrior
Best of the Best*
Making the Grade*
Billionaire Boys Club
Sioux City*
Modern Girls
The Perfect Weapon

*If an item is less than $10, I will consider grouping a couple of those items together.

If you do not see an item you expected to be here, it may be that there is limited availability.  I will continue to monitor these lists to ensure as much as possible is listed.

IV. Information about Giving to Charity in Lieu of Prize

This option was mostly made available because I recognize that some people cannot give me their home addresses for any number of reasons. Instead, I will allow them to pick a charity and I will send that organization $25. I will then scan whatever “Thank you” note I get and email it to the winner who chose the charity. People can also choose to give to a charity if they just don’t want a prize. Here are some guidelines.

1. I will not think less highly of anyone because they chose a prize over charity. For all I know they’re giving half their income or more away already! It would be wrong for me to judge.

2. I have a list of charities below that I am comfortable giving to.  However, I will consider others.  Please respect, though, that I may not accept your request.  This is because, ultimately, it is my money being used and I cannot in good conscience send money to a charity I have moral qualms about.  I also have to be comfortable giving my financial information to them. 

V. Charity List

Basically these are ones that TBAA supported during its run and which I think are worthy.  I've also added some that Mr. Dye felt strongly about.


Christian Solidarity International

Project Angel Tree

Human Rights in China

Birch Family Services

Colin Powell's America's Promise

Human Rights Watch


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Amnesty International USA

Operation Smile

Amory Food Pantry

Make a Wish Foundation

National Coalition for the Homeless

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Youth Program at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church-Amory

VI. The JABB Store

Winners may also select items adding up to no more than $25 from the JABB store as their prize. You can visit the store at:

JABB's Store

Contact Jenni if you need the access info (user name and password) for the JABB Store. 

VII.  The JABB CafePress.com Store

You can choose from all sorts of JABB and TBAA related goodies like buttons, shirts, mugs, and more here.  Shipping rates are here.  Again, total cost should not exceed $25.

Support This Site

VIII: The "Find Mr. Beans" Contest

Completely different from the contests found in some JABB newsletters.  Please visit the following page for more information:

Find Mr. Beans!

If you have further questions, please email Jenni.

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