Find Mr. Beans!!

Okay, I certainly hope you recognize that bear above!  What you may not know is that Mr. Beans became the mascot of "Touched by an Angel."  According to Martha Williamson's commentary on the episode "Fear Not!", Mr. Beans was carried by the crew all over the world.  In addition, he often apparently popped up in the background of several future TBAA episodes.  Which made me think it would be fun to try and compile Mr. Beans sightings!  So here are the rules:

1.  The episodes "Fear Not!" and "I Will Walk with You" do not count.  Nor do any flashbacks to the former in other TBAA episodes.
2.  To be eligible for a prize you must give me the title of the episode in which you saw Mr. Beans, approximately how far into the episode it was, and a description of his location.  For example (this one is totally bogus, btw):
~"My Dinner with Andrew"
~15 minutes in
~Mr. Beans sitting behind Adam in the restaurant kitchen, near the fridge
3.  To get a prize, you must also be a member of the JABB newsletter.  I'm sorry but I can't open this to every single person on the 'net for security reasons.
4.  I will compile a table of the sightings and put your name by yours!
5.  After a sighting has been made, it cannot be resubmitted.
6.  The prize will be of my choosing.  Not from Amazon or the JABB store. 


Since writing the above I've concluded it may be outright impossible to spot Mr. Beans in TBAA episodes.  Perhaps not.  But as of right now, no one has.  So I decided to offer another option.  I will hide an image of Mr. Beans somewhere on the JABB site.  The first person to find it and email me with his location wins.  Here are the rules:
1.  To win a prize you must find the image that says "You've found Mr. Beans!  Click here!" and follow the directions.  Not just any photo of the bear will do.
2.  If you find Mr. Beans, don't hesitate to tell me cause the first person to find him wins.
3.  After he's been found I will move the graphic to a different location to begin play again.
4.  As stated above, you must be a JABB member to win the prize which you can see below.

Here's the current prize.  It can be made as either a magnet or strung so it can be hung on a Christmas tree or something.  A lil over 3 inches (7.5 cm) tall. 

Past Winners

God bless,


(Photo Credits: The photograph used on this page is from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  It is not being used to seek profit.)